How will you innovate at ASU?

Episode 29

A team of students and faculty from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering represented ASU at this year’s Intel Cup in Shanghai, China. ASU’s team, who developed a robotic guide dog meant to assist individuals with visual impairments more efficiently and inexpensively than alternative options, brought home a first prize award! Hear their story on the Innovation Happens podcast.

Recommended if you're interested in: robotics, engineering, visual impairments

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Episode 28

ASU Online Graduate student Egbert Oostburg is making a name for himself in the emerging drone industry! His start-up, Drone Aviator, is a data technology company that is dedicated to providing drone-related data to the market. Oostburg’s data allows insurance companies to more accurately price risk for drone owners so that more users can enjoy drone technology. Additionally, through its SkyClub platform Drone Aviator enables drone owners to find safe and exciting places to fly drones and connect with fellow drone owners. We’re talking to Oostburg all about what allowed his idea to “take off!”

Recommended if you're interested in: software development, emerging technology, drones

Have you downloaded the Sun Devil Rewards app? Each week we provide you with a "secret word" valid for 100 Pitchfork Points good for redeeming ASU gear and VIP experiences. This episode's Sun Devil Rewards "secret word" expired at 11:59 pm on Monday, October 22, 2018.

Episode 27

Elevia is a functioning prototype that helps protect people from biting insects. Charged by Johnson & Johnson to develop a solution, Justin and his Innovation Space team members built a personal mosquito catcher that attracts traps and retains mosquitos, preventing them from harming individuals. The team combined readily available components and utilized them in a way not previously seen in order to create something truly innovative.

Recommended if you're interested in: engineering, industrial design, technology

Episode 26

This week we learn what it means to be a leader of innovation from two Mentors for Academic and Personal Success (MAPS) in ASU’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation. MAPS not only help first-year freshmen transition to college life and their studies, they help freshmen with one of the most important projects to kick off their time at ASU: the Health Innovation Exhibition Project. Brynne and Jasmine have a unique perspective on innovation because they are involved in the process of unearthing possible innovations with their students as well as guiding and coaching them through the innovation process. 

Recommended if you're interested in: healthcare, leadership, mentorship

Episode 25

Beth Tellman is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Geographical Science and Urban Planning at ASU and Co-founder/Chief of Science of the startup Cloud to Street. Cloud to Street reduces scientific barriers to data by making flood information from satellites available to vulnerable and traditionally “data-poor” communities around the world. With this data, these communities are better able to better assess risks of disaster as well as plan, prepare and respond to environmental disturbance. We’re so often advised against the myth of the technological fix, but Cloud to Street is a fantastic reminder that, if we know how to harness it, technology can provide us with the insight and agency we need to change the world and make a lasting impact.

Recommended if you're interested in: geography, gis, building resilient communities