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Evvan Morton, a PhD candidate in Sustainable Engineering, has always been interested in using science to solve problems. With encouragement from teachers and mentors, she decided to pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Women of color are under-represented in STEM fields, and going into a field where not many people look like you can make for a lonely experience. During a research project in Belize, Evvan realized the power of travel and working with diverse populations of people in providing opportunities for empathy and creating a broader sense of community and belonging. In order to provide opportunities to others, she co-founded BioGals, a nonprofit organization focused on the success of women of color in STEM fields through research and study abroad opportunities. Come learn how Evvan is transforming lives not only through her research efforts, but also by creating opportunities for other women to have their own transformative experiences.

Recommended if you're interested in: women of color in STEM, STEM fields, empowerment

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