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Advancing Institutional Design

How do we ensure institutional relevance in an evolving external environment? How do we promote flexibility and responsiveness in a complex world? How do we create space for experimentation and change while we continue doing what already makes us great?  How do we engage in partnerships for global impact?

The Office of the Knowledge Enterprise Architect supports ASU leaders and units in their design efforts. By leveraging the  knowledge, expertise and talents of ASU faculty, staff and students we aim to build and nurture design capacity and promote innovation across the institution. We also use our internal knowledge and expertise to engage globally with leaders at institutions of higher education.

"Universities are known historically as institutions that are hard to change – complex institutions that stay static for many centuries. So being able to transform and knowing what the process is for transforming are very inspiring for us."

-          Carlos Ivan Moreno Arellano, Vice Provost for International Affairs, University of Guadalajara