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November 1, 2019

Embedding the Innovation Mindset at ASU

While we love hearing “Big I” innovation stories, innovation doesn’t always have to be about landing a Rover on Mars or inventing the machine that will solve the clean water crisis. Innovation can also come in smaller moments, as teams solve issues or challenges in their daily work, or faculty improve learning for students, or students engage with each other in new ways. This year’s Innovation Day honors the doing of innovation by creating spaces across all of our campuses to engage in 2-hour Spark Sessions.

What is ASU Spark?

ASU Spark was developed during last year’s Innovation Day as a problem-solving approach, which focuses on generating actionable outcomes in a structured, two-hour session. Over the past year, it has been used and refined 20+ times by teams in academic units like Fulton Schools of Engineering, W. P. Carey School of Business, and Herberger Institute of Design and The Arts, as well as in administrative units across ASU, such as the Graduate College, Facilities, and Parking Services.

Want to learn more about ASU Spark – the method, the Spark+Kit, and how to become a facilitator? Click here!

How will we Spark on Innovation Day?

  • 100+ Teams engaged simultaneously in central locations on all campuses cross ASU – teams can select a central location on Tempe, West, or Poly campuses during the registration process. Click here to sign up

Team registration is open until Friday, October 18, 2019

  • Hundreds of staff, students, and faculty working together to solve problems, create ideas for new solutions and programs, and internal ASU challenges
  • Celebrate the innovation mindset and the fact that we are all innovators

Staff, student, and faculty...what will you Spark this Innovation Day?

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