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Innovation happens here.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an artist: an engineer or a businesss whiz: a geographer or a lawyer, you have BIG ideas. ASU is just the place to take those ideas and turn them into something solid. At ASU you'll find all of the resources you need to collaborate, develop, pressure-test and scale your ideas. Build relationships, find your mentor, secure fudning, change the world - it all happens here.

"There's really this misrepresentation of innovation as this very mystical thing that happens to you - you don't drive it. But I absolutely believe innovation is something you have to strive for and work at."

Josh Kosar
Arizona State University Graduate
Robotics Engineering

Innovation Happens @ ASU | Podcast

Innovation Happens @ ASU is a student-led podcast exploring how innovation happens among students at the nation's top-ranked university for innovation. Join our host, Jonah, in learning how students from every discipline at the university create impact through innovation and build a better world.

New This Week Podcast
Episode 65

Like many students, Grayson Allen initially struggled to find the “perfect fit” for his major.

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