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We capture, curate and translate knowledge of how ASU and its faculty, staff and students take on broad challenges and what allows individuals and groups to solve problems both big and small. We enable learning from the past for the advancement of the future.

Innovation Library

The ASU Innovation Library serves as a knowledge repository for the institution, capturing exemplar stories of innovation at ASU. Through written cases, videos and podcasts, the resources in the library explore what enables innovation to happen at ASU and the key lessons learned from leaders and teams of innovative efforts. The library advances institutional knowledge and memory and the stories featured provide ideas and insights to inspire and encourage the next generation of innovators at ASU.

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How can augmented reality create a richer learning experience? Great minds at ASU are confronting that very question.

Student Innovation

Episode 64 – A man, a guitar, and The Planets

For students Anne-Marie Shaver (PhD in Musicology) and Hunter Langenhorst (undergraduate student in Music and Culture, and Spanish literature),... Read More

Student Innovation

The Action Lab is the data analytics laboratory inside EdPlus that enables continuous improvement in online program delivery.  Learn more about... Read More

Staff Innovation

Our next story is out of this world. No, seriously!

Student Innovation

AirGarage is an ASU student innovation revolutionizing the future of parking and how we think about personal and community assets.

Student Innovation