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Innovation Library

The ASU Innovation Library serves as a knowledge repository for the institution, capturing exemplar stories of innovation at ASU. Through written cases, videos and podcasts, the resources in the library explore what enables innovation to happen at ASU and the key lessons learned from leaders and teams of innovative efforts. The library advances institutional knowledge and memory and the stories featured provide ideas and insights to inspire and encourage the next generation of innovators at ASU. 

Contribute to ASU's innovation library. Contact the Office of the Knowledge Enterprise Architect. 


ASU Community Collaborative

Through this unique approach to community service, the ASU Community Collaborative serves as a model for what is possible when universities and the social sector collide.

ASU's Downtown Campus

The emergence of ASU's Downtown Phoenix Campus illustrates how universities and their cities can work together to create impact for students and communities alike.


From concept to implementation, the AZLoop story is one of student-led innovation, growing from a model for a competition to being brought to life as an unprecedented mode of transportation in Arizona. 

CLAS Early Start

CLAS Early Start is a selective student preparation program that targets CLAS’s least academically prepared incoming freshmen and puts them on a pathway to success.


EdPlus is a central enterprise unit for ASU focused on the design and scalable delivery of digital teaching and learning models to increase student success and reduce barriers to achievement in higher education.


GlobalResolve is an engineering-based, social entrepreneurship program focused on solving challenges and impacting lives in the developing world.


Through Skylife and its parent company NeoLight, Vivek Kopparthi and his colleagues intend to treat jaundice and save lives with speed and efficiency in some of the most historically vulnerable and under-resourced parts of the world.  

Project Humanities

In today’s world which maps with rapid uncertainty the meaning of progress and innovation, how much importance do we give to meditating and self-reflecting on what it means to be human? Project Humanities at Arizona State University is answering this very question and has made its place in the gamut of opportunities focused on improving the university holistically. 


SolarSpell (Solar Powered Educational Learning Library) is a portable, ruggedized, solar powered digital library that broadcasts a webpage containing open-access educational content over an offline WiFi hotspot for use in under-resourced localities.

Starbucks College Achievement Plan

The Starbucks College Achievement Plan is helping more people unleash their potential and achieve what they never thought possible.