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Higher education across the globe is in a period of enormous flux driven by societal changes, new technologies and evolving expectations of all stakeholders. Arizona State University is in a unique position to provide solutions to address these challenges; solutions that are based on proven experience, expertise and track record.

The University Design Institute leverages ASU's design capabilities and expertise to advance higher education impact at scale, among universities worldwide. This is made possible by engagement at the local, national and global levels through strategic partnerships, and university design institute offerings.


Focus Areas Advanced by University Design Institute

Transitioning Models in Higher Education

  • Enterprise model for higher education
  • From public to hybrid models
  • New approaches for resource acquisition

Leveraging Technology

  • Scaling access for students
  • Innovations in teaching and learning
  • Enriching the student experience
  • Optimizing operations through technology

Institutional Structures and Systems

  • Designs that support interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Engaging faculty in new ways
  • Building design capacity within institutions

Sustaining Efforts

  • Developing leaders for higher education enterprises
  • Governance models and systems that support adaptation and innovation
  • Creating and nurturing a culture of innovation



The University Design Institute will offer:

Expertise on Higher Education Design Efforts

Programs for Leaders in Higher Education (U.S. and Global)

Expertly Curated Global Leadership Summits

Access to Research and Industry Reports



Strategic Partnerships

The University Design Institutes works with key university partners and leaders in higher education through thought leadership and partnership to grapple with issues affecting the future of higher education including:

  • What opportunities and challenges will institutions of higher education encounter over the next 5 to 10 years?

  • What is on the horizon that could potentially disrupt higher education?

  • How should universities respond to a rapidly churning external environment?

  • Is it adequate to just make incremental adjustments or do institutions of higher education need more radical design changes?


Sample Program

Universidad de Guadalajara                         December 2017




For more information ...

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