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How can the ASU Knowledge Enterprise continue to chart a bold path into the future? How do we create capacity within the institution to take on significant challenges while remaining adaptable and agile? How do we nurture and grow the knowledge core of the institution while leveraging the knowledge we have to advance our efforts?  How do we connect people and ideas from across the instruction to promote solution generation and meaningful impact? How do we build and nurture a culture known for innovation, inclusion and engagement?

The Office of the Knowledge Enterprise Architect advances the design and culture of the institution so ASU can accelerate on its trajectory of innovation, sustainably, well into the future.  Our efforts build capacity and capability in people, networks and know-how in three key areas:


Innovation Culture – embed an innovation mindset deeply into the ASU culture to empower faculty, staff and students to create impact through innovation.


Institutional Design – support ASU units and leaders to create capabilities in people, systems and structures so the institution can adapt and evolve to meet the complex needs of an ever-changing world.


Leadership Development – cultivate a leadership pipeline within the institution by identifying high-potential leaders, connecting them with people, resources, tools and collaborative networks and investing in their futures at ASU. 


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