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External links and reports on higher education worldwide, with special attention to university design and innovation.

Entrepreneurship at ASU

Progress Report, August 2009. Arizona State University is creating an innovation ecosystem infused with an entrepreneurial spirit. As a New American University, our vision is to create solutions for the global challenges before us: access to education, better quality of life, sustainability. Because this requires radical innovation at the individual and the institutional level, ASU is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and being a university as entrepreneur. We are building a movement of people and organizations who can be entrepreneurial in applying innovations to global challenges, improving life for us all.

Institutional Assessment Tool to Enhance Regional Innovation and Prosperity

The APLU Commission on Innovation, Competitiveness and Economic Prosperity (CICEP) Executive Committee released the Institutional Self-Assessment Tool for use on campus. They hope that the tool to be a useful instrument in examining your institutional policies, practices and philosophies related to economic engagement.

Institutional Imperatives versus Emergent Dynamics: A Case Study on Continuous Change in Higher Education

This qualitative case study examines continuous change in a higher education organization (HEO). Both real time and retrospective data covering a 6-year period of the case were collected. The findings suggest that, in order to meet institutional imperatives the HEO defined several managerial and academic domains when the internationalization process was launched. When organizational members activate these domains they confronted with local needs, problems, and opportunities, which enable them to modify, update or extend the defined domains. In addition, throughout time the members constantly realize the missing parts and incorporate them into the process. These findings suggest several insights on the adaptability of higher education organizations.

Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

Official documents including news, policies, rules and list of Chinese higher education Institutions in China

New American University

President Michael Crow said "We are committed to building a new kind of university, one whose fate is tied to our collective fate, and one committed to the collective good."ASU   has a vision to be a New American University, promoting excellence in its research and among its students, faculty and staff, increasing access to its educational resources and working with communities to positively impact social and economic development.

NASULGC Commission on Innovation, Competitiveness and Economic Prosperity

The Commission on Innovation, Competitiveness and Economic Prosperity is focused on: 1) understanding and defining the expanding university role in local and regional innovation; 2) expanding the tools and metrics for universities to measure and explain their role to a wide range of audiences; and 3) gaining a better understanding of the innovation ecologies in which NASULGC institutions operate. Through a series of workshops and meetings, the Commission will assemble a set of tools, resources and standards of practice that universities can utilize to make the most effective contribution to innovation and economic growth. Members should include: academic affairs; research and graduate administration; public and governmental affairs; business and engineering departments; and outreach, economic development, and technology transfer and entrepreneurship programs.

News items/ white papers

Taylor. M. (2009). End the University as We Know It. New York: New York Times.

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