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The Vocational and University Leadership and Innovation Institute (VULII): The Vocational and University Leadership and Innovation Institute is designed to contribute directly to the national goal of increasing the quality of higher education while strengthening the human and institutional capacity to contribute to Vietnam’s economic growth. VULII focuses on engineering and technical education at the tertiary level, but its outcomes will touch universities and colleges nationwide. To read the press release about this program, click here. To view the VULII website, click here.



SCU-ASU Center for American Culture (CAC): A model partnership between Sichuan University and Arizona State University to enhance cross-cultural understanding between China and the United States. Unlike most Sino-American agreements that are technologically oriented, the Sichuan-Arizona University (SCU-ASU) partnership focuses on American culture as the main vehicle for mutual understanding. Since its inception in 2010, the SCU-ASU Center has drawn upon the intellectual resources of the two universities to offer programming in literature, arts, music, history, religion, media, education, creative writing and language. More than 20 Arizona State University professors have taught at Sichuan University in short-term visits and for semester-long courses, reaching nearly 2,000 Chinese students and faculty. These events go beyond superficial popular culture to demonstrate American culture in all its richness and diversity.


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In addition to exposing Chinese students and faculty to American culture, the partnership enables ASU professors, many of whom have had little direct contact with China, to experience Chinese society and culture firsthand, adding further strength to the goal of cross-cultural understanding that underpins the Center for American Culture. For more information, about this center, click here.



American Center Culture Exchange Network (ACCEX): Inspired by and modeled after the success of the SCU-ASU Center, the U.S. Department of State funded 12 Sino-American university partnerships in 2011 to create a network of American culture centers on Chinese campuses. An additional 10 centers will be launched in 2012 with State Department support. These 22 centers seek to develop a deeper appreciation of American society and values by thoughtful exploration of the nuances and complexities of American life. Until the SCU-ASU Center was launched, this kind of collaborative venture was not possible in China. Now with ASU’s leadership, these centers are telling the American story to thousands of Chinese students, teachers and citizens.


ASU is leading this collaborative network of American culture centers to facilitate shared resources and develop cooperative programs. With support from the Ford Foundation, ASU convened the first meeting of the Chinese and American center directors in Beijing in June 2012 and will direct additional activities of the network as well. The synergy of working together creates new opportunities unavailable to any one center working alone. The future leaders of China will gain a deeper understanding of American values, but the people of the United States will be the ultimate beneficiaries of a strong, stable relationship with China. To learn more about this initiative, click here.


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U.S. Supports Arizona State University’s Higher Education Program in Vietnam

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced a $2.4 million grant to ASU to support the expansion of the Higher Education Engineering Alliance Program (HEEAP) that leverages public and private sector funding to improve the quality of higher education in the country. Learn more here.

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