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Leadership Seminars

Hundreds of international academic leaders have chosen University Design Consortium’s Leadership Seminars to build and enhance their higher education systems. 

Please contact us today to design a program that matches your institution’s goals.


The University Design Consortium offers leadership seminars for university administrators and policymakers individually constructed to support the vision and needs of the sponsoring organization. Participants interact directly with university and community leaders engaged in institutional reform, not simply professors who lecture about the work of others. 

Developed through close consultation with the participants, Leadership Seminars are offered in a modular format allowing participants to choose only those specific topic areas most suitable to their needs. Each module can be customized to address relevant challenges and expose participants to applicable counterparts within Arizona State University or its stakeholders. 

The more common modules are described below. However, the University Design Consortium works closely with the sponsoring organization to tailor a program to achieve its unique mission and goals. If these modules do not address all applicable needs the Consortium also can consult with sponsoring organizations to develop additional topic areas.

*Program cost structure is determined individually and is based on elements such as length of a seminar, topic areas and modules chosen, amount of time and level of involvement of ASU faculty and staff, travel expenses, and cultural activities included in the program.

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