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Recommendation 7

The staff and students of universities are individual citizens, but we must also consider how civic engagement can strive to make our institutions ‘good citizens’ for a sustainable future.

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Deiric O'Broin, NorDubCo, DCU: 'Increasingly governments are reviewing the role of universities as key stakeholders in the development and implementation of locally-based development strategies, and in some cases in the promotion of foreign and non-local investment. Internationally the evidence shows that the shift in orientation of regional strategies since the 1980s towards supply side initiatives, regional institutional capacity and endogenous development led governments to look to universities as providers of a number of inputs to the development process, whether it be scarce resources of skilled labour, technology, or management development. In addition, it is clear that the wider involvement of universities in the civic life of their localities has been perhaps undervalued, both by the universities and local civic institutions. Concurrently, the changing nature of the governance of the development interests of localities are producing more opportunities for universities to become involved in the planning and governance of their surroundings'.

Ronnie Munck

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