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Recommendation 10

We should pursue the new university design principles in a differerentiated manner according to our distinctive missions and reform our curricula to better serve current social needs. 

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From Prof Michael Crow ASU President and DCU/ASU conference: 'The differentiation of knowledge enterprises advances the integration of universities into coordinated and synergistic networks, thus expanding our potential to offer multiple solutions and exert greater impact across broader swathes of knowledge. The need for transdisciplinary organization of teaching and research is obvious, but transinstitutional collaboration involving universities, industry, and government both aggregates knowledge and prevents unnecessary replication. Entrenchment in discipline-based departments corresponds to an academic culture that prizes individualism over teamwork and the discovery of specialized knowledge over problem-based collaboration. The amalgamation of transdisciplinary and transinstitutional frameworks has the potential to advance broader social and economic outcomes.'

Ronnie Munck

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