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Recommendation 1

In a period of growing global uncertainty and complexity the higher education sector needs to ‘return to basics’, to critically re-consider its mission(s) and to forge a vision for the future.

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Professor Alan Wilson, University of London at DCU/ASU conference: 'The map of knowledge is changing dramatically; supply, from the university sector, and demand, from individuals and a great variety of organisations, do not match. Teaching should be both mind-broadening and ‘preparing’ and capability deepening. The typical curriculum is not fit for these purposes. There is a lack of effective connection – reach – beyond universities. Continued learning and enhanced professional development within organisations must be priorities. Research does not embrace this new map. There are new priorities: systems science relative to reductionist science for example; an increasing capability is needed to work on the big strategic problems of organisations and governments. More ambition; greater reach.'

Ronnie Munck

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