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Case Study Georgia’s Intellectual Capital Partnership Program
The Georgia’s Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP) is an economic development initiative in which businesses can find college-educated employees, access the latest research, and receive business and operation advice from intellectual resources in Georgia’s 35 public colleges and universities.
Case Study Education and Social Reform - South Africa
This is a program that takes students to South Africa for them to learn firsthand about education and social reforms taking place there. Students learn about the history of Apartheid and new policies aimed at reversing its negative impact on society. The links between education reform and societal change are explored through presentations, lectures and home stays with members of the community.
Case Study Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sustainability & Innovation in Global Contexts
Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sustainability & Innovation in Global Contexts Innovative annual, multi-center symposium entitled, “Sustainability and Innovation in Global Contexts” emphasizing challenges in certain areas of sustainability and innovative approaches to those challenges in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and post-Soviet space.
Case Study Institutionalizing Internationalization: Requiring Study Abroad
**** 2010 INNOVATION AWARD WINNER *** Creating a global university is one of SDSU's official goals. To accomplish this, it is central to institutionalize and embed international programs into the research and teaching functions at the University. We have developed incentives to require study abroad in as many degree programs as possible. To date, SDSU now requires study abroad in 24 programs, covering over 4,000 students.
Case Study Signature Partnership Initiative: Enhancing Educational Attainment
The Signature Partnership is designed to enhance the quality of life and economic opportunity for residents of West Louisville. The goal is to partner with community partners to improve the educational, health, economic and social status of individuals and families. Expertise and energy is drawn from faculty, staff, and students from every school and college within the university.
Case Study Transforming Engineering at Arizona State University
The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering has transformed its organization to realize its vision of leading engineering discovery and innovative education. The new structure reflects its priorities to prepare students for engineering careers of the future and to find solutions to society’s grand challenges. This new Engineering organization is believed to be the first of its kind at a university.
Case Study International Business Immersion Program
The International Business Immersion Program is a unique experiential learning program that has been in operation at the University of Illinois since 2002. The program consists of 3 parts, a spring semester lecture followed by an overseas immersion experience and follow-up project work in the fall semester. Support for this program comes from both the university and private sector.
Case Study The Sampoerna Foundation University Project
The Sampoerna Foundation in Indonesia has initiated a plan to develop a new university to challenge and enhance the current higher education system in the nation to provide greater access, higher quality education, and expanded research and knowledge transfer through a model supported by philanthropy and adoption of international standards.
Case Study Environmental Innovation Challenge
University of Washington’s annual solution-oriented Environmental Innovation Challenge encourages interdisciplinary eco-focused perspective.
Case Study Student Engagement in Community Recovery and Development
Classes from Louisiana State University were structured to combine course activities with local community recovery efforts following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Case Study Distributed Learning at Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University has utilized distributed educational resources to fulfill its role as role as a public university in rural areas. The goal of distributed learning is to provide the same access to higher education for residents in both urban and rural areas.
Case Study ASU Art Museum Becomes Catalyst for Sustainability Dialogue
The ASU Art Museum serves a diverse community of artists and audiences through innovative programming that is interdisciplinary, educational and relevant to life today.
Case Study Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability
Goucher College Creates New Sustainability Masters Degree: Cultural Sustainability.
Case Study University of New Orleans Charter School Network
The University of New Orleans’ Charter School Network is a partnership between the University of New Orleans and the public schools in response to Hurricane Katrina and its troubled school system.
Case Study eHospital: E-Learning While in Hospital
The eHospital project, developed by six European partners, aims to offer lifelong learning opportunities to adult patients during extended hospital stays.
Case Study Community University Partnership Program in United Kingdom
Community University Partnership Program in United Kingdom enhances the capacity of the community and the university to engage for mutual benefit and ensures that the university's resources are fully available to, informed and exploited by its local communities.
Case Study Family Support Network
The School of Social Welfare (SSW) at The University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY) formed Family Support Network (FSN) in partnership with United Way to improve outcomes for vulnerable families by building capacity, resources and support services.
Case Study Degree-Granting School of Sustainability at Arizona State University
Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability offers students a trans-disciplinary program that emphasizes finding sustainable solutions to both local and global challenges.
Case Study The Urban Environmental Monitoring (UEM) also called The 100 Cities Project
The Urban Environmental Monitoring Project incorporates the themes of rapid urbanization, remote sensing, and global engagement through a collaborative research effort with Arizona State University, international cities and researchers, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Case Study Teach Tec: Teachers Learn Tech Techniques
Text messaging is not usually welcome in the classroom, but this program designed by Arizona State University and University of Arizona hopes to turn it into a powerful teaching tool.
Case Study Ashesi University in Ghana
A university in Ghana promotes the liberal arts and participation of the student body in community development to provide them with the skills necessary to lead a nation in crisis into an African renaissance.
Case Study Georgia Tech-Lorraine: European Branch Campus of Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Tech demonstrates ambitions for branch campuses in several countries such as France and England and in order to give undergraduates a deeper international experience.
Case Study Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Office of International Affairs
Strategic international partnerships, the cornerstone of Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis’ program of internationalization, develop innovative and effective collaboration with counterparts abroad in China, Kenya and Mexico.
Case Study VISAGE: Vanderbilt Initiative for Scholarship and Global Engagement
The Vanderbilt Initiative for Scholarship and Global Engagement combines the university’s deep commitments to international study and civic engagement through innovative scholarship and service opportunities abroad.
Case Study Affordable, Solar-Powered, LED Lights for Developing World
Social Entrepreneurship Startup seminar at Stanford University has led to the production of affordable LED lamps, primarily to satisfy the need of household lighting in the developing countries.
Case Study Campus Partners for Community Urban Revitalization
Ohio State University’s Campus Partners for Community Urban Revitalization organizes improvements in the University District.
Case Study The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University
The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University fuses intellectual disciplines to produce innovative solutions to pressing issues ranging from public health to environmental sustainability.
Case Study Pascal Universities Regional Engagement (PURE)
The Pascal Universities Regional Engagement (PURE) is a study of the regional engagement of HEI systems in 19 cities/regions in 4 continents, initially over 2 years from 2008. It maps and benchmarks engagements, economic, social, health related, cultural and environmental using a systematic methodology, and groups partner regions in self-led clusters for ongoing sustainable exchange.
Case Study Advancing the Health Sector Supply Chain Through Research and Knowledge Leadership
The Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium is an innovative university based collaborative designed to solve complex cross-cutting problems. The Consortium brings together competing and complimentary organizations to define supply chain research, elevate the standard of management and delineate managerial strategies that optimize cost and clinical effectiveness, safety and sustainability.
Case Study Facilitating Cost-Effective, Academically Rigorous University-wide Undergraduate Degrees in SUSTAINABILITY at the City University of New York
We are a cross-campus, self-designed bachelor’s degree uniquely positioned in CUNY to deliver immediate results on the education of students in sustainability. Working with faculty and capitalizing on the vast resources of the University, students have designed innovative sustainability majors. This is the only place in CUNY where students can earn bachelors in sustainability.
Case Study Projects for Underserved Communities: Engineering Solutions for Global Needs
**** 2010 INNOVATION AWARD WINNER *** Projects for Underserved Communities is an innovative, new course at The University of Texas at Austin that builds engineering students’ skills to address real-world needs in global communities. The course taps and directs students’ passion for service and engineering to support global citizenship and inspire leadership, teamwork and sustainable development throughout the world.
Case Study A Regional Higher Education Center - A Unique Partnership with Community Colleges and Business to Expand Access and Affordability
The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) is an innovative partnership of 9 University System of Maryland universities offering quality higher education at one campus in Montgomery County, MD. Along with local community colleges, USG provides access to more than 60 high-demand baccalaureate and graduate degrees that are specifically selected to respond to the workforce needs of the county and region.
Case Study Bridging the gaps between college students in Ethiopia and an educational program designed to improve the impoverished country’s food supply
While continuing her internationally recognized research examining the connection between child malnutrition and cognitive development, Barbara Stoecker has also served as the link between college students in Ethiopia and an educational program designed to improve the impoverished country’s food supply.
Case Study Institute for Social Capital, Inc.
The UNC Charlotte Institute for Social Capital, Inc. is constructing a database that combines data across multiple community sources, links variables at the individual level, and then provides de-identified data for analysis. This approach to data sharing provides a new and innovative foundation for efficient, cost-effective, high-quality research and evaluation for community-based research.
Case Study Write Your Ticket to College: A Genre-Based College Admission Essay Workshop for Ethnically Diverse, Underserved Students
There is great educational and societal need to support underserved and underrepresented students with their writing growth as they transition from high school to college. This innovative project supported low-income, college-bound, multi-ethnic students in writing college admissions essays.
Case Study Australia's Global Medical School: Creating a future global medical workforce
The School of Medicine at the University of Queensland (UQ) has forged an international partnership with the Ochsner Health System, New Orleans, Louisiana that will see 120 US students complete their first two years on campus in Brisbane, Australia and the final clinical years in New Orleans, eligible to practice in both countries on graduation. The project is currently in its implementation stage.
Case Study University-Community Partnership for Social Action Research Network (UCP-SARnet)
UCP-SARnet is an emerging worldwide network linking students, university faculty, community activists and governmental officials engaged in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals. Using ICT for the exchange of visions, ideas and best practices, the network develops partnerships across borders and in joint effort of its members compiles an online resource library for community leaders.
Case Study The Global Engagement Summer Institute
The Global Engagement Summer Institute (GESI) is an academic credit awarding summer study abroad/service-learning program for undergraduate students. Upon completion of a community development training in the US, students work in interdisciplinary teams of four to five to design and implement a development project with their host NGO in the developing world. Students come from all disciplines.
Case Study Professional Development Schools
ASU’s Professional Development Schools model, developed by the College of Teacher Education and Leadership, prepares future teachers in high-need urban districts and remote rural areas across Arizona using face-to-face instruction and satellite video technology. The program triples the amount of hands-on, practical classroom experience for students who learn in actual school settings.
Case Study Center for Improving Health Outcomes in Children, Teens, and Families: Uniting Research, Education, and Community
The Center for Improving Health Outcomes in Children, Teens, and Families, created in 2006 by the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, built on the college’s 50+ years of education and community presence when it launched its Research Core. Under its guidance, faculty have seen rises in research funding, created new educational opportunities, and expanded innovative community collaborations.
Case Study Bright Site Project of Sunnyside Service Learning Centre
The University of South Africa’s service learning project uses university resources to help solve community problems by bringing students and faculty of social work with the surrounding community.
Case Study International Plan at Georgia Tech
The International Plan is a four-year program to produce globally competent citizens and allow students to pursue a traditional undergraduate's degree.
Case Study Archway Partnership at the University of Georgia
The University of Georgia’s Archway Partnership is a new approach to help communities statewide effectively access higher education resources to support community development efforts.
Case Study Integrated Watershed Management
Researchers from University of Guadalajara in Mexico contributed to solving environmental problems by acting as policy advisors in the implementation of new system of managing the watershed in the Ayuquila-Armería river basin.
Case Study Adolescent Diversion Project at Michigan State University
Adolescent Diversion Project is a university/community collaboration that uses innovative educational experiences, best practice interventions, and sound scientific methodology to address the pressing social issue of juvenile delinquency in Ingham County.
Case Study Penn State – The Northern Appalachia Cancer Network
The Northern Appalachia Cancer Network and its partners at the Pennsylvania State University created engaged scholarship through a community-academic network dedicated to cancer prevention and control.
Case Study Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs at Murray State University
Murray State University's Study Abroad office provides mandatory training and extensive administrative support to combine faculty and staff development.
Case Study National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
A 17th century university revives itself after closure during the Soviet era to become the leader of higher education reform in Ukraine.
Case Study North Korea Builds its First Private University in Partnership with South Korea
Pyongyang University of Science and Technology is a bold initiative of higher education with the potential to bring drastic changes to the higher education system of the North.
Case Study Green Lighthouse— Carbon Neutral Building
University of Copenhagen built the Green Lighthouse which is the first carbon neutral building in Denmark.
Case Study NYU Freshmen Abroad Programs
New York University has established the Freshmen Abroad Programs since 1998 for its Liberal Studies students and Global Liberal Studies students to go to the centers in Florence, London, Paris and Shanghai.
Case Study Urban Health Program at Aga Khan University
Since 1985, the Urban Health Program at Aga Khan University has made a positive impact on the overall health in squatter settlements in Karachi, Pakistan.
Case Study The Financial and Management Reforms in Makerere University
The financial and management reforms in Makerere University in Uganda have addressed the pervasive problem of how to provide quality education without undue financial dependence upon the state.
Case Study Civic Engagement at San Francisco State University
San Francisco State University was recognized as a pioneer in civic engagement.
Case Study Decision Theater Addresses Public Policy Issues
Arizona State University’s Decision Theater is a unique 3D imaging tool that can be utilized by decision makers in both the public and private sector. The innovative facility allows its users to evaluate the results of choices and implement the best solution to exigent issues.
Case Study The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)
The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) helps policymakers in developing countries find cost effective methods solve poverty problems using a uniform randomized trial methodology worldwide.
Case Study Global Modules Project
Global Modules Project at Champlain College seeks to provide meaningful international educational, social and cultural experiences to its students by providing them an opportunity to interact with student cohorts worldwide.
Case Study Connecting Communities and Sharing Cultures
“Connecting Communities, Sharing Cultures” program of Scottsdale Community College connects Native communities of Arizona to the native communities of Australia and New Zealand.
Case Study Canalscape: Sustainable Urban Design in Phoenix, Arizona
Canalscape uses sites along the canal system of Phoenix, Arizona to build for the future and honor the past.
Case Study Digital Phoenix: Visualizing Urban Issues
Digital Phoenix combines 3D visualization and interdisciplinary research to aid city planning for the future.
Case Study Tisch Asia
New York University offers an American education in Singapore with its Tisch Asia program.
Case Study Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory (PURL)
Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory (PURL) at Arizona State University engages in city planning and development research with government officials and the community.
Case Study The American Dream Academy: A Partnership between Arizona State University and the Phoenix K-12 Educational Community
Arizona State University works with partners to create a community where parents and teachers collaborate to transform each child’s educational environment at home and at school.
Case Study Dual Diploma Programs with Partner Universities in the Country of Turkey
Advancing campus internationalization through undergraduate dual diploma programs between the campuses of State University of New York (SUNY) and Turkish universities.
Case Study Ubunye program at the University of Cape Town
Ubunye is a program providing educational advancement, opportunities for leadership and life-skills development, and mentorship and guidance to motivated high school students in Cape Town.
Case Study The University-Enterprises Cooperation Club
The Office of Regional Cooperation at Zhejiang University in China established the University-Enterprises Cooperation Club to facilitate partnerships between the university’s research facilties and private enterprises.
Case Study Regional Environmental Education Program by Southern African Development Community
Regional Environmental Education Program was created to support environmental education processes through enabling decentralized networking of environmental education practitioners within the southern African region.
Case Study Open Learning Initiative
Open Learning Initiative is dedicated to the development of freely available, stand-alone college-level online courses informed by the best current research from the cognitive and learning sciences.
Case Study PRISM Lab – Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling
The Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling (PRISM) has become an exemplary model for research institutions at Arizona State University through innovation in 3D technology and computer graphics.
Case Study Hong Kong Undergraduate Education Reform Under “3+3+4”
The “3+3+4” reform provides a golden opportunity for the higher education sector in Hong Kong to meet the challenges of the 21st century and the demands of the rapidly developing knowledge-based society.
Case Study Educational Leadership Learning Exchange (ELLE): A Partnership for School Principals between South China Normal University and Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College.
ELLE adds a global dimension to principal leadership development with evidence-based, practice-oriented, and competency-driven training in international settings. Reciprocal visits between Nashville and Guangzhou pave the way for increased understanding and collaborations. Participants discuss best practices and innovative ideas in education reform with their international counterparts.
Case Study The Sustainable University: Incorporating Sustainability in Research, Teaching, Partnerships and Campus Development
Through a unique Faculty of Sustainability Sciences, tailored bachelor, master, PhD and MBA programs on sustainable development, innovative networks and a climate-neutral campus, Leuphana University has incorporated the principle of sustainable development in research, teaching, partnerships and campus development and thereby realizes the vision of a „Sustainable University".
Case Study Community and University Pilot Arizona's Clinical Research Enterprise
The Center seized the opportunity to build and transform Arizona’s clinical research enterprise by identifying and integrating community goals and needs with the objectives of ASU’s New American University and the NIH and Arizona Bioscience Roadmaps. Our symbiotic relationships increase efficiency, generate new revenues, and enhance Arizona’s global competitiveness in clinical research.
Case Study King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia was created as a graduate level Saudi university to rival the best research universities in the world.
Case Study Sustainable Venture Incubator by College of the Atlantic
College of the Atlantic launched the distinguished undergraduate sustainable program to mentor both for-profit and non-profit eco-entrepreneurs.
Case Study Operation Campus
Operation Campus is an exceptional plan for university buildings, launched at the initiative of President Sarkozy, to develop and promote 12 campuses that will be the window into France and will reinforce the attractiveness and influence of French universities.
Case Study Interdisciplinary Multi-year and Multi-site Global Ethnohydrology Study
Global Ethnohydrology Study addresses not only water quantity but water quality in the greater context as a major global issue, affecting almost all people in some way or other.
Case Study InnovationSpace: Solutions to Real Problems Through Product Design
InnovationSpace is a program for undergraduates dedicated to developing innovative new products for real-world clients.
Case Study PRISM Lab – Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling
The Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling (PRISM) has become an exemplary model for research institutions at Arizona State University through innovation in 3D technology and computer graphics.
Case Study Cornell Urban Scholars Program
Attracting accomplished students to participate in research and direct service with non-profit leaders in New York City's most economically distressed communities, Cornell Urban Scholars Program led to two-thirds of the program's graduates taking pubic service positions.
Case Study COMPUGIRLS: Awakening Girls’ Passion for Social Justice and Technology
The COMPUGIRLS technology program asks the girls to create project that has a social justice theme relevant to their own communities.
Case Study Maymester Study Abroad in Capri, Italy for Education Majors
Maymester Study Abroad program provides teacher candidates with experience working with culturally and linguistically diverse students and fosters candidates’ abilities to teach from multicultural and global perspectives.
Case Study The Arizona Biomedical Collaborative and Phoenix Biomedical Campus
The Arizona Biomedical Collaborativeis an innovative partnership between two rival research universities, supported by government and private enterprise. The initiative has delivered an increasing number of new doctors and more advanced medical care to the State of Arizona.
Case Study Women Involved in Living and Learning (WILL)
WILL is national four-year program providing opportunities to apply theory to practice within a supportive community of diverse women.
Case Study OpenLearn: Sharing and Shaping Open Educational Resource
**** 2010 INNOVATION AWARD WINNER *** OpenLearn is an Open University website that makes educational resources freely available on the internet, with state-of-the-art learning support and collaboration tools to connect learners and educators. The initiative incorporates a full range of subjects at all study levels which can be remixed and reused for free. OpenLearn launched October 2006, having over 9 million visits to date.
Case Study The Pen Project - English 484
English 484: The Pen Project is a university-prison community internship sponsored by the Arizona State University English department. This one-semester internship course employs a Blackboard course management platform as a digital bridge to link inmate-writers in New Mexico with Arizona undergraduates who provide critiques of inmate-produced poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction prose.
Case Study Cultural Immersion Projects: Education Unites the World
Student teachers engage in fulltime classroom experience, community involvement, and service learning in 15 countries, the Navajo Nation, and Chicago Public Schools. A yearlong preparatory phase precedes the placement. Structured assignments onsite require extensive interaction with school personnel and members of the local community, extending student teacher learning well beyond the school day.
Case Study GO GREEN - Green Organizations: Global Responsibility for Environmental and Economic Necessity
To integrate sustainability into the engineering education curriculum, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis created an international and interdisciplinary course named GO GREEN.
Case Study Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar
Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar offers students the opportunity to receive an American design education in the Middle East.
Case Study Alvin Sherman Library
Libraries are central to learning, building communities, and promoting research and intellectual exploration. Alvin Sherman Library of Nova Southeastern University gains the reputation for model future library.
Case Study German Universities Excellence Initiative
The German Universities Excellence Initiative aims to promote innovative research and to create outstanding conditions for young scientists at German universities.
Case Study The Citizenship DRC at the University of Sussex
The Development Research Center on Citizenship, Participation and Accountability (Citizenship DRC), University of Sussex combines policy-relevant knowledge with action-oriented networks to catalyze social change.
Case Study Singapore’s Newest University: University of Technology and Design
Singapore's newest university will be an education lab for technology which will enable the university to build strong relationships beyond the city-state's borders.
Case Study Culture/Career Hybrid Programs in Japan
**** 2010 INNOVATION AWARD WINNER *** Since 1989, the Japan Center for Michigan Universities has offered a variety of programs in Hikone, Japan. Our culture/career hybrid programs balance Japanese language with professionally-focused courses and an internship abroad. We host three hybrid programs: Environmental Sciences in Japan (begun in 1999-2001), Comparative Health Care (2008-09) and Hospitality Business & Tourism (2010-11).
Case Study Integrating Science and Solutions to Prepare the Next Generation of Climate Change Leaders
In 2009, with unprecedented campus-wide collaboration, The University of Montana developed one of the nation’s first formal academic programs in climate change. The Climate Change Studies minor integrates science and solutions to provide students with an interdisciplinary understanding of climate change and the practical skills to make change.
Case Study ASUKI step – An International Employee-Based Walking Challenge with Arizona State University and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden
ASUKI step is a worksite, pedometer-based walking challenge designed to encourage employees from ASU and the Karolinska Institute (KI) to take 10,000 steps or more each day for 6 months. Participants were in teams of 3 or 4 persons per team. 713 persons from ASU and 1377 persons from the KI enrolled in the study from March to September 2009. Winning teams won a trip to either Arizona or Sweden.
Case Study EUCOR-URGENT: Upper Rhine Graben: Evolution and NeoTectonics
The EUCOR-URGENT project is a network that integrates all data pertinent to the Upper Rhine Graben in order to describe models and realistic hazard assessment of an area that hosts a major urban and industrial concentration in the heart of Europe.
Case Study Elder-Friendly Community
School of Social Welfare (SSW) at University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY) engaged multiple stakeholders in the elder services community to create programs directly targeted to help aging persons navigate the various agencies they deal with.
Case Study United States -México: University Partnerships for Prosperity
Arizona State University and Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora formed a bi-national partnership for desert sustainable development.
Case Study African Virtual University
African Virtual University is helping to overcome obstacles to learning by enhancing the open distance and eLearning capacities of the higher-education institutions throughout Africa.
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