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Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

To promote reform and redesign of higher education to address the needs of society in the 21st century.

Our Mission:

The University Design Consortium provides leadership, research and resources to enhance the effectiveness of individuals and institutions committed to creating new models for teaching, research and service.

Members of the Consortium challenge themselves with the following questions:

  • How can we make our university more engaged in the community/region in which we are located?
  • Can we do more to encourage entrepreneurial behavior in our students, faculty and staff?
  • Are our research projects linked to important purposes?  Does the research have impact in the larger society?
  • Are we committed to the success of every student?
  • How can we build relationships for teaching and research across the boundaries of traditional disciplines?
  • Can our university become more globally engaged?
  • What do we need to do to catalyze positive social change?


What We Do & Who We Serve


Through face-to-face meetings, internet resources, publications and action-oriented research, we provide knowledge and tools to universities seeking to address the world’s most pressing challenges, from poverty to environmental sustainability. Founded by Arizona State University (USA) and Sichuan University (China), we build partnerships among innovative individuals and organizations around the globe.


Individuals who seek to implement creative reforms of higher education institutions

Organizations (colleges, universities, government agencies, and non-profits) dedicated to the advancement of higher education worldwide



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