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What does the “design” in University Design Consortium stand for?

The design in University Design Consortium refers to the conceptual vision of the future of universities. The University Design Consortium was created to develop innovative strategies for universities to address the complex issues of the 21st century. Working with like-minded institutions, the Consortium seeks to understand and guide the ongoing evolution of creative organizational and educational models for public universities worldwide.

Sichuan University is your partner in University Design, is that the only university you work with?

No. We have a global scope working with various universities within the United States and internationally. We collaborate with universities all over the world including, Australia, Ireland, Japan, and other Chinese universities.

How can I get my university involved?

We welcome individuals, organizations, and institutes that are committed to innovation and development in higher education. For more information please contact the director, Kathryn Mohrman at or 602-496-0463.

How and when did the Consortium begin?

After two successful meetings of Chinese and American academic leaders in 2005 and 2006, Sichuan University and Arizona State University decided to establish University Design Consortiums at both of their campuses.

What kind of work do you do?

We work on international collaborative research projects. Here are a few of our current and upcoming projects:

  • Designing the Global Research University for the 21st Century—the third Forum for University Design, an international symposium December 2008 in Washington, DC
  • Public Universities in Regional Development—a case study book on different ways in which higher education institutions in seven countries are engaged with their communities
  • University Metrics Project—an assessment of universities’ strategic vision, capacity-building, implementation, and impact on the university community and beyond
  • Workshops for teams of faculty and administrators from different universities—week-long sessions to encourage university innovation and to promote inter-institutional and international collaboration
  • Best practices in US-China academic exchanges—resources on effective ways for American and Chinese universities to collaborate, from short-term student exchange to long-term faculty research projects
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