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Universities are transformational forces in society today. Public universities in particular must apply their knowledge and problem-solving capacities to challenges facing their communities. In an increasingly integrated world, however, they must be both locally active and internationally engaged.

To that end, Arizona State University and Sichuan University in China have created a joint University Design Consortium to develop innovative strategies for universities to address the complex issues of the 21st century. Working together and with partner institutions, the Consortium seeks to understand and guide the ongoing evolution of creative organizational and educational models for public universities worldwide.

We look to universities as knowledge entrepreneurs. The Consortium facilitates research on university design and management approaches, builds communications networks among scholars of member universities, and publishes materials that illustrate Consortium findings and discussions.  It convenes university leaders for collaborative work and knowledge exchange, while helping universities around the world to pursue productive one-on-one institutional partnerships in research, teaching, and staff development.

The Consortium enhances international engagement among universities by encouraging university leaders to share ideas, generate solution mechanisms, and expand mutual understanding.


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An Explanation of this Character


LUN means "discuss, comment, review" in Chinese. LUN is also the first character in LUNYU, or "The Analects," a record of the words and deeds of Confucius and his disciples. LUN was chosen as the symbol for the University Design Consortium because it evokes collaboration among scholars about best ways to enhance higher education.


Vision & Mission

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Goals & Outcomes

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Questions that all Universities Should Ask

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Background and Origins of University Design Consortium

Arizona State University and Sichuan University have established a strategic partnership committed to innovation in structure, curriculum, and programs. 

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